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iPhone 5S does anyone experience unlocking lag/freeze/stutter, After using apps for quite some time?


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Sep 5, 2016
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Hi, So i've been having this problem for almost two weeks now and i have no idea what i installed or changed on my tweaks i haven't installed any app or somewhat.

By the way the lag occurs (I think) after using a lot of apps like twitter/reddit app/ or messenger at first 10 minutes unlocking locking the phone is fine but after hours or say for example i put my phone on idle for an hour or two next time i unlock the screen wont turn on immediately it will be delayed for 3 seconds or even 4 for worse. Then when i enter my passcode or touchid before i go to the home screen there's a delay for 2-3 seconds.

Things that i have done to troubleshoot the problem:

  • Removed passcode/touchID
  • Removed recently installed app
  • Removed tweaks that i think i installed recently
  • background app refresh, siri, handoff disabled
All of that didn't work i only fix this problem by respring even clearing ram doesn't remove the lag only respring and reboot.

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