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iPhone 5c Red lines when turning on


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Feb 27, 2015
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Good evening,

I've recently changed my screen on a iPhone 5c (due to the previous screen was cracked).

Now when I turn it on using the power button, redlines appear and nothing else. The phone vibrates due to getting messages and emails. But I'm now at a lost, I've changed probably 15+ screens before and this has never happened before.

I tried three other screen and got the same result. I've also plugged and unplugged the battery and tried another battery at it's place.

Any advice on what next steps I should follow?


Generally, lines on a LCD is a bad LCD. Are you using a different LCD when changing the screen or just the top digitizer?

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I'm using the screen and digitizer. I did my friends the same day same batch of screens and his worked no problem.
I would suggest swapping your friends onto yours. If it works, bad LCD. If not, issue with the phone. DFU reset time at that point, nothing to lose.

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Alright did the dfu reset and still same result. I tried a different screen I had lieing around that I know works and still same result.

I'm not one to go down the board replacement road, I'm just getting the steps prior to that out of the way.
If you KNOW you used a good LCD., then I speculate that the board was damaged during the swap. I say this as, each time you used a new screen the odds of not fully plugging each in are low. So we KNOW we have a good LCD and not a plug issue. Pretty much as to be the board at this point. If it were me, I would pull a screen from a working phone to eliminate all options except the board.
If the motherboard does turn out to be faulty it maybe easier to get a replacement phone instead of trying a repair.
I agree. The board is the highest price item within the phone. If you have a good board, you can easily build a good phone. But without a good baord, you have a paper weight.

I buy busted up phones all the time just searching for good boards.
Buying a used motherboard also carries the risk that the motherboard may have been taken from a stolen or blacklisted iPhone. If you put such a motherboard into your phone you could end up with an iPhone that won't work because it's been blocked and/or blacklisted.