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iPhone 5c issue


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Jan 12, 2015
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Hello All,
I have an iPhone 5c, about 18 months old, that just stopped working in the middle of writing a message!

The screen went blank and the phone could not be turned on again. For a while the vibrate of the mute button worked but this has stopped now. The phone has been reset via iTunes and this didn't have any effect. It is still recognised by iTunes and charges away happily but I can't get it to respond in any meaningful way.

I am happy and willing to open the phone up and I've done this on previous models before. What I really need is some guidance as to what the problem might be, how I can troubleshoot the issue and how I can fix it. I have a multimeter available if that helps.

Thanks in advance for any answers. If more information is required I will do my best to provide it.
Welcome to iPhoneForums, chp02jcm!

Try to reset it, using this method: press and hold Home and Power button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. Let go of both, it will start on it's own.

If this doesn't solve your problem, use DFU mode. You'll find the instructions in this thread: DFU Mode for Dummies Apple iPhone Forum
Thanks for the quick reply J.A.

I went into DFU mode and recovered the phone. It went through all the restoration and even vibrated on the desk when it was complete. The phone is clear and ready to sync but there is nothing on the screen, pressing either button does nothing on the screen at all.

Thanks for the suggestion but more help is needed!
Maybe there's been a screen failure, either the backlight or the screen itself?
A diagnostic at the Genius Bar of the nearest Apple Store would be able to confirm it.
Thanks for the reply scifan57. I'm not very near to an Apple Store, is there any way I could confirm a backlight or screen problem without taking it in? I have the parts from an old 3gs and a multimeter at hand.
Do you have a lightning to digital AV adaptor? This, together with an HDMI connector will enable you to mirror your iPhone screen on any screen with an HDMI input. This would tell you if the phone, apart from the screen, is working. If the touchscreen part of the screen is still working, you'll be able to manipulate the screen Ike normal.
I don't but I will try to find someone who has and do this check. Hypothetically, if no image appeared on the other screen during this test, would there be an obvious place to look next?

I have shone a bright light at the screen and still can't see anything if that adds any info. Also, no vibrate is heard on plugging the charger in but the phone does still charge up.
If nothing showed on the other screen it would mean that there are internal problems not related to the screen.

How do you know that the phone charges up? Is it from the summary page in iTunes when the phone is connected to the computer.
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Yes, the charge slowly rises on the summary screen of iTunes when the phone is connected.
OK, I managed to get hold of a lightning to digital AV adapter. When I plug the unresponsive 5c into it I get a screen with a flashing Apple logo. I can turn the phone off by pushing both the home and sleep/wake buttons for 10s and I can turn it back on by pushing the sleep/wake button. It always turns on to the flashing Apple logo and I can't get past it. So it looks like there is a screen issue as well as something else.

I have gone into DFU mode and restored via iTunes, this seems to be recognised in iTunes but I still have the flashing Apple logo problem.

Any further help and advice would be appreciated!