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iPhone 5 issues


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Apr 19, 2014
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I joined this thread because my iPhone suddenly started flashing the apple and the screen would go from white screen with apple to black screen and back. I took it to the Verizon phone and they said I must have got it in water, but I did not ever do that. I have got it to turn on several times since then, but it then goes to the apple screen.

I need to get a backup to ensure I don't lose my data. I was able to connect to iTunes for a short while before my phone went to the "apple" screen.

What is best way to backup (iTunes, iCloud, Verizon cloud)?
I'm afraid to go to 7.1 since the phone might die in the middle of the upgrade so that may eliminate iCloud.

Anyone else have this issue and resolve it?
When was the last time you backed up your device? Did you have your iCloud back up turned on already? If you did, then each time your plugged it into a power source in your home-an automatic back up will occur.

However, I also do a back up through iTunes as well...only if you can manage to turn it on and long enough to to backup your info. All apps can be downloaded again-so no need to worry about losing/re-purchasing the apps again. It's the data/doc/pics on your phone that may be a worry.

Good luck.