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iPhone 4GS, iPhone 5, No White iPhone 4! Predictions


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

As I told you, Apple has delayed the white iPhone 4 until Spring 2011. Now rumors are coming in of there not being a white iPhone 4 anymore. Personally, I think that two things are going to happen here.

The first thing I think might happen, come Spring 2011, Apple will have sold out, or almost sold out, of black iPhone 4. Next, they will start selling the white iPhone 4 for the regular $200 pricetag until the iPhone 5 comes out where it will drop down to $99(just like the 3GS now) and Apple can save money on re-using parts.

Talking about re-using parts. My next prediction, if the first one doesn't happen, is instead of making an iPhone 5, they could possibly re-use the white iPhone 4 parts to make an iPhone 4S(like a 3GS, but there is no "g"). =]

What do you guys think? Leave your comments below!
i think the iphone 5 or 4g or maybe 4gs wont have many changes to the iphone 4 it wont be worth upgrading, i am going to skip this upgrade and get the 6 or what ever the 2012 version will be called