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Iphone 4


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Nov 5, 2010
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Hi all, am new to the forum, can anyone help me with the 3g for Iphone4 and the poor reception since orange merged with t-mobile....!!
The only thing you can do is reset your network settings. Of that doesn't work and your not happy with the reception contact your operator...
3 is much better than vodafone. My 3GS could never keep a signal for more than 5mins!
never tried the 3 network, only orange,tesco,voda,o2 t-mobile and many years ago there was another one called one2one lol
I remember one2one! Lol. Is that not where t-mobile started out?

This is my first time on 3. It's not perfect but miles better than vodafone.
i always found vodafone to have really good coverage but o2 atm have the best deals as far as i cant tell, but their whole unlimited 3g crap when its really 500mb some one should have them done for false advertising.. because every mb after that costs £3..

guess it just depends where in the uk you are, i want to find one uk carrier that has true unlimited 3g on pay as you go