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Iphone 4- video camera problems


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Jul 10, 2010
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Hi Please help.
I recorded a 1 minute clip on my iphone4 and then copied it to my pc. It plays fine on my iphone 4 but on my pc, it keeps stuttering, plus its about 300mb in size for just a 1 minute video!!!! please help?
Cheers Nick
It takes HD video so it will be a bit large in size. First how fast is your PC?? Second if you want to export a lower quality video you will need the iMovie App.
Hi Dannyboy, Thanks for the reply. Imovie app is somthing i will get in the next few days but i just couldnt understand how a 1 minute video clip, even in HD was over 300mb in size? I dont really want to lower quality as its pointless having HD then...I have other movies that i have downloaded (not from iphone) that are HD are there sizes are no where near that quality...obviosuly at that size its impossible to upload a 1 minute clip to facebook or youtube....Maybe Imovies does something to the video to make this possible?? any thoughts anyone?
iMovie let's you edit unwanted scenes etc and when you export or save you can save in 720 or medium and lower quality for less storage space but ofcourse quality suffers.
I just upload to youtube then link the video to facebook or whatever. Its easy because you just tap the video and select upload. Not sure about the skipping part.