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iPhone 4 Owners Who Refused Bumpers Can Now Get Their Case in Antenna-gate Settlement


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Jun 18, 2010
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AppleInsider reports that Apple has begun sending out legal notices to iPhone 4 owners on Thursday informing them that they can now claim back the $15 they were entitled to if they didn’t want to take the free bumpers offered by Apple following antenna-gate. This follows on from February’s news that Apple had settled a class-action lawsuit concerning antenna-gate, and the furor surrounding the poor antenna reception when the iPhone 4 was first launched. In the settlement, Apple agreed to offer users either a free bumper case for their iPhone, worth $29, or $15 in cash. In a statement, Apple referred to the “small number” of users who had reported reception problems with their iPhone 4, but had not taken the free case offered by Apple back in 2010. The legal notice from Apple to the customers involved explains that in order to claim your payment, you can either call 1-877-417-7234, or click on www.iPhone4settlement.com iPhone 4 owners who didn't take a free case can now claim $15 settlement
Only if your American. I live in Wales I still get antenna gate