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IPhone 4 overheating

Larry gold

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Jun 30, 2010
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Has anyone experienced the new I phone having an overheating issue, last night i put my phone on the charger and it was in 1 piece, when i woke up this morning the touch screen had completely spider cracked and no one had touched it, i can not figure out what happened here since it was fine before i put it on the charger? Help please if anyone has had the same problem?
Your sure this is a heat problem? I would be giving apple a call.... But no I haven't heard about any heat problems so far...
i am not sure i can not figure out what else it would be, after 2 hours on the PH with apple they deferred to saying it is a new phone and it is possible but they have not had this as an issue with this so far and have to decide as what to do, not good the screen is so bad you can not put it to your face it will cut you it is that bad of a spidery shatter of the screen! Not good i new better than to go for the first of any new product on the market, i hate being a test model it never works out right!