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iphone 4 over nintendo ds?


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Oct 10, 2010
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You think the games are plenty enough/better than nintendo ds games? I'm trying to kill 2 birds with 1 stone here..also, probably be better than I can control how much the kiddies play games than let them have it all alone..

..have any nintendo ds users/owners here seen a decrease in your ds usage because of your ip4?
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If you need a 2 in one the iphone is the way to go. The screen is way better than the ds. Controls take a bit to get used to but not to bad.
I stopped playing my psp so much I ended up selling it after gettig the 3G about 3 years ago...
honestly the iphone 4 has better graphics than the psp the psp has more choices but give it time and the iphone will take it over.
To be honest I had both PSP and DS, once I got my 3gs at the beginning of this year I never touched my DS or PSP after that then when i got my iphone 2 weeks ago i sold my DS lol the games are fun, the graphics are impressive if not better in some cases so in my opinion the iphone is better lool