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Apple's iOS Devices Gaining on the Nintendo DS in the US


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Jun 18, 2010
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Mobile Entertainment reports news today that will be music to Apple's ears, citing a recent survey from industry market research firm Newzoo's International Gamers Survey 2010, that finds that more than half of the 77 million mobile gamers in the US are playing their games on an iOS device. What makes this figure even more significant is the fact that it shows that iOS is now catching up fast with the Nintendo DS, which has 41 million gamers over the age of 10 in the US. No surprise either, that Sony's PSP is lagging way behind with 18 million users.

The survey also found that more DS and PSP gamers pay for their games than iOS device owners, with 67% of DS users and 66% of PSP gamers paying for their games, and 45% of iPhone and iPod touch users paying for theirs, with iPad owners bringing up the rear with 32%, possibly because iPad games are still a lot more expensive. Here's Newzoo MD Peter Warman talking about the survey findings:
"The youth seems to be moving from trying their parents' device to buying an iPod touch for themselves."
Source: Mobile Entertainment
the DS sucks thats why.... worse then the crappy game boy from all those years ago