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Iphone 4 only records 15 seconds of video


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Sep 25, 2010
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Hello all,

This is my first apple product, I have never used an Iphone before. I bought an unlocked iphone 4 that is already jailbroken. Everything else on the phone seems to work fine but for some reason I can't shoot more then 15 seconds of video. At exactly 15 seconds, the message "Video Recording Stopped. The maximum length for this video has been reached."

I have 8 gigs of space left on this phone, so I am not sure what limit it is referring to.

Someone please help me out as this was the MAIN feature I wanted the phone for, high qaulity video! 15 seconds of recording time doesn't seem normal to me.

Thanks everyone!
thats odd, i have recorded up to 20 some odd mins give or take a few, you should call apple and ask if they can help you with anything