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iPhone 4 not working


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Nov 30, 2010
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Hi guys,

This morning I experienced something very strange with my brand new iPhone 4 (not jailbroken). Its been 1 month that I have it and I didnt experience that before!
While my phone was on 'stand by' mode it stopped working and it wasnt responding whatever button I was pressing. I was forced to make a reset to bring it again into 'life' :((

Does anyone knows whats the reason for that?
The only different thing I did today it was uploading on it a video that was initially in WMV format and I converted it to mp4 using Prism video converter. Is there a possibility to had transferred a virus on it?
Shall I do a settings restore?
Please advice!!

Thank you in advance!
It happens sometimes. Just like a computer freezing now and again. Nothing to worry about unless it happens all the time...