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iphone 4 micro sim


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Jun 15, 2010
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United Kingdom
So the iphone 4 needs a micro sim, is there a good way to cut it to size without doing it yourself by scissors? a better way to do it without asking my carrier as i dont go home until september if any one knwos a good way?

i did google for ages trying to find something with no luck
i see some sim cutters out there they look like a stapler and you can cut it perfectly around 11-25 i seen them on ebay, might be worth it. but apple told me you can do it for 7p in the uk
well i found a seller on ebay that you can either buy a cutter or you can send your sim, so far ive sent my sim (two) to newcastle,UK and he says he received it and will send them sim today so i should have it by later or tomorrow by both my sims are cut. the guy has 99.1% positive feedback, and i have his cell phone number so ill let you know if it turns out to be ok. plus i dont have a contract sim and barely any credit i think if i was on contract no way would i send it, also in the uk i dont think you cana ctually get a cuuter until july so either send it to some one or cut it yourself is the best two options for ukers imo.. i did not want to do it myself as id probably break the sims lol
I'm from South Africa, no way I'm sending my contract based SIM all the way.
hmm, need to figure something out, should have phone by late next week, order has been confirmed.
oh lol i thought you where closer to uk if not in the uk! so either buy a sim cutter there are toneson ebay or the link abouv or cut it yourself, two options...both are good. gizmodo link is reliable if you want to buy from there
I'm in Reading atm, to short notice to buy, will probably bye the cutter from SA and have it shipped, might end with jsut doing it manually.

I had a friend from the UK buy it for me on his CC and paid him back last night, should be with him week after next by the looks. he will bring it to SA in 2.5 weeks when he is coming back to SA.

still also talking to local SA telco's asking about micro sim's, luckily I have some contacts.

yeah plus uk sellers cant deliver the cutters until july, you should either go with gizmodo or maybe some one in sa can do it for you?

the reason i went to ebay is this guy did it for me quicker then i would of received any cutters from online plus i would use it once then never again and the guy sent me two free adaptors :D
bummer, if I knew this I could have bought a extra sim and send it to him while I was here, and simply not have it enabled until returned to SA.
ahh well. I'm speaking to my contacts at Telco's in SA seeing if one of them got an idea, they must already be looking at this themself also anyhow.
Hi there

I dont like buying something for use only once, if I'm lucky then the local Telco provider can help, in the mean time, does anyone have the instructions on how to cut it manually, without using a micro sim cutter?