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iPhone 4 is Home At Last! *Unboxing Video*


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

Hey everyone, just got back from the Apple Store after a 12 hour wait in line. It wasn't that bad of a wait, made some friends in the process. I was third in line for people who already pre-ordered. People who didn't, well, lets just say there was a line that stretched about 3 blocks.

Hope you guys enjoy the video, I will be throwing up a few more(speed test, graphics, etc.)
nice! i got two of them today i was going to record one from the other but i know tones of people already made them, leave it to people who do it all the time. smaller then i thought it would be and a little heavier, but over all an amazing phone. battery has drained a little fast but i been using it non stop for hours lol
saw my first one in the wild today.,..
i dont know how it was on the 3gs but after my non stop using it for hours its almost died the battery, i still dont want to put it down lol.. but it would be a good excuse to use imovie