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iPhone 4 IOS7 -- Hotspot vanishes randomly......


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Aug 29, 2014
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I just got a iphone 4 used. I have not used iphone b4. It's a ATT phone, but is appearently unlocked because I did I hard reset to clear it and it still takes my TMO sim, and seems to work fine, except that the hotspot randomly disappears. Sometimes it'll stay on for an hour, sometimes(rarely) it'll stay on indefinitely. Most the time, it shuts off between 30 min and 3 hrs. When I go look at the phone, the hotspot reports to still be on, but all devices on the network have lost it, and it wont reappear until I turn the hotspot off and back on. Then it's fine again for however long... SUPER FRUSTRATING!!! I am subscribed to hotspot service, and currently, at least, I am not over my plan limit for tethering so it "shouldn't" be an account issue... Anyone know anything about this?
Here's a thought. If the device that's tethered to the hotspot generated by your phone goes to sleep the connection is lost and can only be restored by turning the hotspot off, then on again. I know it works like this for one tethered device because it's happened to me. I haven't tested it with multiple devices tethered to the same hotspot to know if this is what is happening to you.
I had considered something like that, but this is with a desktop downloading a movie, playing youtube while I wait, while I'm on my laptop surfing and checking mail and such. No snoozing going on here... at least not on the tethered equipment side. I would assume, (and I know that means apple is making something of me) that if there was some issue like that on the phone side, it would shut off the hotspot switch, but it doesn't...