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iPhone 4 Screen Issue (BLUE/GREEN/GREY Screen - Please Help)


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Jan 10, 2013
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I have an iPhone 4 which was working perfectly, I recently cracked the screen, it was still working fine but since I'm so anal I decided to buy another screen on eBay and change it myself.

Now 2 screens later and the screen is still messed up.

I turn the iPhone on, I can the the Apple Logo (Stays there a while though), than when it turns on it has a blue screen, sometimes a green screen, sometimes just grey screen and then it reboots itself!

I am not sure what I did when I changed it but something went wrong.

The people I purchased my screen off tested the replacements and they were 100% working.

Not sure what to try now?

Any suggestions??

Itunes picks it up for a few seconds by the time it goes past the apple logo but than the iphone restarts.

Maybe that's not the problem of the screen but you iPhone.

I figured that might be the case.

Does that mean the phone is no good now??

Is there something I can test/check?
You can go to the fix shop to see whether the phone is still good.Or does the other function of the phone is ok?such as the call,the sound.
You can go to apple and have them check it out. They won't be very happy but they will tell you what the problem is, hopefully. I would also recommend having a black or white screen on your iPhone if you take it in because they might turn you down on the spot because of a different color. They did it to me once. Lesson learned.