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iPhone 4 iOS 4.1 Released!


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May 27, 2010
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Apple has just released iOS v4.1 for the iPhone 4! This update is packed with some new features that's sure to get you and your iPhone 4 excited. While your downloading, here's a quick overview of what to try out:

  • Game Center - Experience social gaming on your iPhone. Find friends or use auto-match to play multiplayer games against new opponents. Track achievements and compare high scores.
  • iTunes TV show rentals - Rent TV shows commercial-free right from your iPhone for just 99¢ an episode and start watching them in minutes.
  • iTunes Ping - Take advantage of new social discovery features in iTunes. Keep up with your friends’ music and follow your favorite artists.
  • HDR photography - Take great photos that capture a wider range of light intensity using the new high dynamic range (HDR) setting on iPhone 4, which automatically combines multiple exposures into a single HDR image.

And as always for those of you that are or want to be Jail broken, stay clear of this update for now. The 4.1 update has also been rumored to fix some iPhone 4 bugs including the Proximity sensor and Bluetooth issues. Be sure to let us know if you notice a difference.
I have it now. Going to play around with it and see if their us a good difference. (proximity)
And I'm updating my 3G also. I hope it gains back what little performance it had. Lol
dev team advise to stay away from it...

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for now any way.. but i dont care about jb i already put 4.1 on there. any one else sign up to game center?:D