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iPhone 4 default case


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Jul 18, 2010
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I highly recommend this default case fore 1 cent plus shipping. It just arrived today n it is very very nice. You will like it I'm sure.
great case! I got all the colors and all are pretty good. The case fits great and I actually like it better than the incase snapcase!
well, the first shipment of Default cases were nice. The second were different from what they had advertised and different from the product I received the first time. I got them to refund all my money from the first case I bought because their customer service was so bad. So made out with 10 free cases... too bad 3/4 of them are complete sh*t.

I would not recommend ordering from them. I know its only $0.01 and $3.99 shipping, but you could get better stuff shipped direct from China for less than that!