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iPhone 3Gs - Upgraded to 4s. Can I still use 3Gs on another sim?


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May 19, 2012
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Hello all, I'm new to the forum.

I've not long ago updated my phone from the 3Gs to the 4s. It did involve changing networks from O2 to Vodafone (I'm in the UK) and passing my no. across.

Neither of my phones are jailbreaked or modified, I used to mess around with that stuff on my old psp and psp go, but I don't have the balls to mess around with these things yet.

So I have a 3Gs sitting here not being used and I would like to give it to my mom for her to use. She likes to play the word games and will only being using it with the wifi on her home network, maybe the odd call.

My initial thoughts were that I would need to get a sim only deal from the original tariff provider that the phone was used on (O2) which included a data plan and I could just pop it in?

But some people have told me it will need to be unlocked/jailbreaked regardless?

Wondering if you guys could enlighten me please?

Many thanks




Oct 4, 2011
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I have a 3GS in the US. I called AT&T and they unlocked it for free. It is NOT jailbroken.

You might call your provider to see if they will unlock it. If not start reading up on jailbreaking because if your provider won't unlock it you have to jailbreak it then unlock it.

There are some great information pages on the web. Just do a search. Don't PAY anyone online. If you are uncomfortable doing it yourself try to find someone local with the knowledge/background in jailbreaking.

You shouldn't have to have a SIM card in the phone to use WIFI by the way, so if mom doesn't want to use it as a phone just give it to her like it is and she can use it on her home WIFI or anywhere there is WIFI. It's a good idea to upgrade to the latest version of IOS, if you are not going to jailbreak it, as it has many new features, some of which require less and less use of a computer to do many functions.