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Iphone 3gs stuck in reboot.


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Oct 8, 2014
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I have tried everything, I have had several different errors every time I try something new. Right now I'm getting error 21. I have gotten pass 25 then went to 3194, and 6 something. Now I'm back stuck on error 21. I have edited host file download external firmware using shift to restore. i have used DFU mode everytime but it always either end with connect to itunes or stuck in a bootloop. I have tried tiny umbrella forums to itunes forums and disabled antiviruses.

History: This phone was jailbroken a couple years back but I stopped using it because I bought a new. It has the new bootrom. Decided to use it as an ipod and back up, but it wont even get back the apple logo rebooting. Please help I have tried everything even this forum. no luck. TUTORIAL - Failsafe method to restore the current version of IOS iPhone Forum