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iPhone 3G Can't Run Game Center, but 2nd-Gen iPod touch Can


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Jun 18, 2010
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AppleInsider reports today that Apple has confirmed on its website that Game Center is not compatible with the iPhone 3G, although it will run on the second-generation iPod touch, meaning that the iPhone 3G ranks alongside the first-generation iPhone and iPod touch as the only iOS devices that can't run Game Center. Strangely enough though, as AppleInsider points out, unlike the first generation iPhone and iPod touch, the iPhone 3G is able to run iOS 4, which you would think would mean it would be able to run Game Center, but apparently not so. Even more interestingly, AppleInsider reports that up until last month, the second-generation iPod touch was also unable to run Game Center, when it was excluded, along with the iPhone 3G from a beta build of iOS 4.1, yet now it would seem to have had a reprieve and be able to run the software. AppleInsider remarks that the second-generation iPod touch and the iPhone 3G both run on very similar internal hardware, although the iPod touch has a marginally faster processor than that of the iPhone 3G (532MHz compared to the iPhone 3G's 412MHz).

Source: AppleInsider