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iPhone 2G 3.1.2 Help please!!!


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Dec 4, 2011
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OK so I got a iPhone 2g 16GB from my friend and used redsn0w to unlock and jailbreak it. It unlocked and worked but Cydia was not working and neither was youtube and so I decided to factory reset it and selected the delete all content/settings etc. option. It went all the way through (the loading bar) and the Apple logo came up with a loading circle. So it loaded for 15 minutes and the screen flashed and it kept loading for about 2 hours. I got tired of this and so I hooked it up to my PC (WIN7) and used iTunes to restore it but now it will start restoring go into a white screen for 8 mins or so and then I get the 1601 error. I DFUed correctly, used iREB and everything. My iPhones bricked. Please help me!!!!!!

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