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iPhone 13 pro max is a beast, very durable


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May 31, 2022
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I am currently not using a case with my iPhone 13 pro max and know it’s risky but I like it and this phone is a tank. I do have a ballistic glass screen protector on it so I’m not a complete mad man. I dropped this phone in the middle of 5th street, in Austin TX. I mean I had it in my back pocket and jogged across the street and it just flew out of my pocket straight onto the asphalt, screen down. It did crack the screen protector but not the screen and it didn’t leave a mark on the frame. I did it again walking across the Taco Bell parking lot, same way and I saw it land directly on one of the corners. It cracked that screen protector but not the actual screen. I mean it BARELY left a mark on the stainless steel frame. This thing is a tank, in sheer size and in its durability. It’s been dropped a bunch of other times but not like the two times I described above.

It is a pleasant surprise to me and I’m wondering if anyone else has had any cringe moments when you just knew you shattered the screen but no you didn’t.

Didn’t see an iPhone 13 pro max group so I’m posting in iPhone 13 forum. And go
Like you, I do not have a case in my iPhone 13 Pro. In fact, I don’t put a case or even a screen protector on any of the iPhones I’ve owned throughout the years and my iPhones still look new when I get rid of them for the newer model.

I’ve dropped my iPhone 13 Pro a few times, but mostly on carpet, but it has not suffered any damages and still looks great. I used to have cringe moments, but that ended with the purchase of AppleCare+.