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iPhone 13 Pro Max camera TOO good?

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Sep 11, 2022
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I bought an iPhone 13 Pro Max earlier this year because of the quality of the camera. The photos it takes have perfect color when displayed on the iPhone screen and excellent resolution.

Recently, I ran into a problem that leads me to believe that the camera/screen combination may be too good! I wonder if anyone else has run into similar problems?

I'm an artist and used the 13 PM camera to take photos of some of my portraits for two different juried exhibits. The iPhone display had perfect color, so I submitted them with no modifications. They were rejected from both shows. I've just found out that the reason was that the images looked too "washed out". I examined them on some other Windows based monitors that were supposed to be calibrated and indeed the images don't look as good as they do on the iPhone screen!

My thinking is that the iPhone camera and screen are optimized together for perfect color, but that they will therefore not match any other display. I've attached one of the portraits.
Strickland_M_Man From Mumbai.jpeg

Has anyone else had a problem with the iPhone photos looking perfect on the iPhone screen and then looking bad on other screens or in prints?
There’s a area in settings where you can toggle keeping the resolution or automatic where it lowers the media to be more compatible. But be warned if you change to keeping it in its original format, some phones computers they can’t look at it that’s why if you click on automatic conforms it and change the format so you can use it on anything but you also have the option to keep it as original it’s in the photo section in settings
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