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iP4 Fantastic, iTunes locked - bugger!!!


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Aug 7, 2010
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Inland Vic, AU
Has anyone had any issues with trying to clean up there iTunes music? I tried doing it manually and now am locked out. I'll try ringing Apple tomorrow.

Here are the details of the Case I logged with Apple Inc.
Would be interested to hear if this has happened to anyone.

Case ID: 176650219 2010-09-08 21:30

OK, my iTunes is in a big mess now.
iTunes will no longer play any of 10 albums that I have purchased through iTunes, nor will it play any of my library of some 3,800 MP3 tunes. Instead I am directed to iTunes music store suggesting I may buy them again!

I purchased an iPhone 4 a week ago and all has gone very well. I am (was) so thrilled. But the problem was that I had set up itunes 9 many months ago in readyness while still using my creative Zen as a player with some 3,800 tracks of MP3. I linked iTunes to this folder and as I say all went well to a point. The problem was that I had many (perhaps hundreds) of lost files. I suspect something had been going on with the creative.

Well yesterday I thought it was time to clean up, so I looked for an equivelant to WinAmp's reload - but couldn't find one only 'Organize Library', this did nothing. I tried 'Add file/folders' - this did not fix the issue so I spent MANY hours backing up music files, itunes config, even deleting the .itl file as suggested in HELP.

I'm an old hand at PC's and have always looked after my own issues. And this has been why I have avoided Apple products for so many years. My dread is to have happen what has now happen. As I feel sure that it is a protection issue that is now locking out my tunes.

I understand that protection has to be placed becauce of piracy, but just so annoyed that I have to suffer because of others. (end of gripe)

In an attempt to recover I have tried (several different ways, of moving, deleting files from both the HDD and iTunes itself. I have even tried a complete uninstall and re-install.

So where do I go from here. Like I said I'm so excited with the amazing iPhone 4 but now dare not sync it to the PC for fear of loosing all my music on it.

Help please, regards Anton....
As an update - I spent an hour on the phone with Apple support, they have not come across the problem before. They came up with a few suggestions including creating a new user acct and starting a new install there, but this did nothing to solve the problem. I still get directed to the iTunes store anytime I try to play a tune from my imported library. So I am waiting for the chance to call support again and see if they have another suggestion.

I've got the horrible feeling that the only solution will be a complete rebuild of my PC (and all because there is now reindex option in iTunes menus)

Cheers Anton....