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IOS9.1 messaging


May 2, 2012
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Hello and good morning. I have a strange messaging question to ask. When sending a message thru the native ios message app, the original message sends out fine, however the message is also sent back to the originating iphone in the form of an additional message. Is there a setting that I can enable/disable to stop the second copy of the message being sent to the originator of said message? Also, when I send a message to this phone from another iphone, I get a copy of the the duplicate message that was sent to the original senders phone.

Thank you for your assistance in advance.
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Not sure why this could be happening, but go into your message settings and check how everything is set there. Settings>Messages. Have you inadvertently set up text forwarding? Is "Send Read Receipt" turned off? Are your Send/Receive addresses correct?
I found out that the two phones being under my Apple ID will share the messages. I need to remove the one phone from my apple id I believe to end the forwarding.
That was happening with my iPhone and my daughter's. We solved it by creating her own Apple ID

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