iOS13 Messages losing photos??

Discussion in 'iPhone iOS' started by sbsmithjax, Nov 4, 2019.

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    Can someone help me understand why the images that I text/iMessage to other people, disappear in my thread with them, even though the recipient can see the image. This almost always happens 5-24 hours AFTER the images is sent. Here is what I see on my screen:


    It doesn't happen to all images I send, maybe 70% of them. Some in the same thread have missing file icons like the screenshot, but if you scroll up in the thread, you can see other images that have been retained.

    If I click on the person's info "i" at the top, I can see the image in the listing of images between us. This is happening on all of my threads. I have updated to latest iOS, had many restarts, logged in/out of imessage and icloud, and this has been happening for couple of months. Was happening on my older iphone 7, and two weeks ago, upgraded to 11 pro, still happening?

    Incidentally, the matching same threads on my MacBook do not have this problem, all of the images show up there in line as normal.

    Many thanks,
    Cary, NC

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    What happens if you tap on the missing images? In my messages the missing images say tap to download.
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