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iOS Gets an Awesome New Music Player in a Widget


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Jul 27, 2011
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For some, one of the most important features of their iPhone is that it can hold and play all of your music. That's why, whenever a new music app pops up on iOS it must be investigated to see if it brings anything new to the table. We have one for you guys today that does exactly that.

It's called Music Center, and it basically brings you a ton of music player features all wrapped up in an easy to use widget. Here's the full App Store description to give you the rundown,

Ever wanted to view your entire Music Library right on your lock screen or inside any app? Music Center allows you to view your entire music library inside the notification center, which you can browse through as a list, tiles or carousel view.

Now you can select any song from your music library to play without exiting the game you’re playing or even on the Lock Screen.
The days of you needing to fumble around apps to select your favourite song are behind you with Music Center!

Music Center is one of the top 200 apps in over 75 countries & has 150000+ downloads in less than two months!

Here’s what the press is saying -
• Cnet.com – “Unlocking your iOS device, launching the Music app, then finding a song you want to listen to is a routine we all repeat. Music Center speeds up the process by taking advantage of iOS 8’s Today widget in the Notification Center.”

• TUAW.com – “I wasn’t sure how useful Music Center would be, but I find I am using it frequently. I especially like the access from the lock screen to play music via Bluetooth while I am driving. It’s quick and easy.”

• AppAdvice.com – “Music Center is a pretty cool idea and makes it easy to get quick access to your music library without having to unlock your device”.

• Lifehacker.com – “If you’ve ever wanted easy access to your whole music library from anywhere, Music Center’s a good place to start.”

*Note – iTunes Match is not supported & no search function because its not possible for notification center widgets to display a keyboard.

How much time do you save by using Music Center in a year?Saltb0x How much time do you save by using Music Center

For those who want to check this out, here's a link: Music Center - Music Widget For The Notification Center on the App Store on iTunes
I don't really listen to much music on my iPhone. Space is like gold on these things so I don't dl music lol. My fiancé does though. I'll have to let her know about it.