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International Keyboard Question


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Nov 7, 2010
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As you all know different languages have different letters in the alphabet. The iPhone offers in Settings International keyboards and gives you a layout of the letters in a another language on the keyboard. I am looking for accented characters on a keyboard on a non-English keyboard.

Does anyone know if you can actually pull up a non-English keyboard with accented characters without having to use modifier keys (Windows) or command keys (Apple). It is just too difficult on a small keyboard to use command keys.

I don't expect a lot of replies on this but I am hoping that there is someone out there that can help. After all the iPhone is supposed to be the best smart phone. Let's put it to the test. Thanks.
You can try it and let us know. In settings, choose the keyboard language you want. In any app, when keyboard shows up, there is a globe symbol to the left of the space bar. Click it and choose the language you want. I do use another language from time to time, and find it very easy and convenient to use.
Most English iDevices keyboards and others. allow you to hold down a letter key for a second and it will present you with accents for that letter, same holds true for punctuations. Tip: while holding the key, when the alternate items appear, just slide your finger up to the one you want, and then release the key.
Hey, Poco....thank you, thank you, thank YOU! That was an excellent tip. At first I thought it would not work. I held down the letter "O" and used another finger to choose the accented character and it did not work. Then I read your email again using the tip with sliding the (same) finger and BINGO.

I am a happy camper. :)

P.S. I wish I could fill your "bucket" with a good reputation. I guess I do not have the rights yet????