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Apple Announces MacBook and MacBook Pro Keyboard Service Program for Faulty Keyboards


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Jun 18, 2010
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AppleInsider reports that on Friday Apple announced a special program for a “small percentage” of 2015, 2016, and 2017 MacBook and MacBook Pro models that have been widely reported as having keyboard problems. Basically, this is every MacBook and MacBook Pro with Apple’s own butterfly key mechanism.

In a support document posted on its official website, Apple said that several MacBook and MacBook Pro models have been found to have various keyboard function issues such as repeating letters or characters unexpectedly, letters or characters not appearing when the key is pressed, and keys that feel “sticky” or do not respond when pressed. You can find the full list of models affected in the link below to the Apple website.

Anyone with an affected MacBook or MacBook Pro should take their computer to Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider for a free service. Should your Mac’s keyboard then be deemed eligible, some of the keys, or even the entire keyboard, will be replaced by Apple. Anyone who has already paid for an eligible keyboard repair will be entitled to a refund from Apple.

Sources: Apple launches keyboard service program for 'small percentage' of MacBook, MacBook Pro owners

Keyboard Service Program for MacBook and MacBook Pro - Apple Support

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