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Installment vs. full upgrade?


Jul 11, 2010
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I was at att today and getting ready to upgrade to iPhone 6 plus, which I'm eligible for a full upgrade. Somehow my plan which is a mobile share (3 phone lines), if I use my full upgrade I'll lose $25 off my plan, and the sales lady suggested that an installment is much cheaper option, also verified this by calling att. What's the point of waiting for a full upgrade if I end up with installment anyway? Anyone here experience this during upgrades? thanks
The NEXT plan (which is probably what that AT&T rep is talking about) is cheaper than the "regular" contract plan.

With the Next plan, you pay full price for the phone - but you make monthly (interest-free) installments. The amount your monthly payment for the phone is depends on how many months you select.

In addition, the fee you pay for data is much lower than a regular contract fee. And, on a regular contract, you pay a certain amount for the phone up front, then you pay a data plan).

When AT&T went to this plan, everyone got the lower fee for data. Now, if you elect to go with a contract plan versus the Next plan, you will have to pay more for data.

IMNSHO, the Next plan is a good deal because you are paying less for data, paying no large upfront costs (except for the sales tax on the phone) and can trade in the phone at 12 months with no penalties (if you've selected that plan).

Hope this helps explain what is going on. Holler back if you need more.

Thank you very much, this explains why. I haven't upgraded in almost two years and no idea about the changes. I called att and they explain the same, I'll get my new phone tomorrow, thanks again.
Well no, because if I did, I would pay $300 + tax and $25 a month. If I do the next plan, it'll just be tax and $25 a month. I guess the upgrade eligibility doesn't apply anymore, no need to wait for two years to upgrade like we usaually do.
Just to clarify - if you're not buying the phone outright, you only have to pay the tax upfront. Then, your monthly fee is based on the data plan you have and the payment plan (for the phone) you've selected.

So - to use my plan as an example:

I bought my iPhone 6 Plus on the Next plan; I only paid about $70 upfront for NY state taxes. Monthly, I pay:

(1) $15 for the Mobile Share plan (because I have a >10GB plan; it's $25/month for under 10GB). AT&T charges $40, but then discounts $25 for me being in the Mobile Share plan. That $25 discount is where the increase in plans comes from if an existing plan is kept versus going with the Next program.

(2) I pay $42.50 for the phone. It's the 20-month plan, which means I can trade in the phone at 12 months for a new one, pay for the phone outright whenever I wish to keep it when I get a new one or stay with the current phone and don't pay the 42.50 after 20 months is up and keep the phone I've just paid for. Remember, this is, essentially, an interest-free loan as it's a flat rate (take the price of the phone and divide it by 20, in my case). Also, this is a no-contract plan in that I only have to fulfill my obligation to pay for the phone. If you brought a fully paid phone to this Next plan, you'd have no contract (and you wouldn't have this fee).

Note that AT&T has three different time periods - 20, 24 and 26. What then changes is the monthly installment payment and the time frame in which you can trade your phone in for a new one.

(3) Last, I pay for a data plan, which is based on how many gigs you want a month. I have a large (30GB) plan because I have three other people on my Next/Mobile Share plan.

So, the bill is a combo of the plan access fee ($25 or $15/month), the phone installment plan and the data access fee.

IMNSHO, it's a good deal. You'll just have to crunch the numbers to determine if it's good for you.

Yes it's cheaper. I currently have two installments, iPad and iPhone, just didn't realize or questioned my plan, but now I understand the mobile share plan vs. contract. They have 6 plus listed as low as $25 a month, that might be the longest term.
My question is at the end of term once phone paid for will monthly installment be deducted from bill? AT&T danced around this question with no clear answer just flashing a new shiny phone in my face. I remember while back AT&T slashed data $25 per line as a promotion but didn't mention the $25 be tacked back on if you subsidized your next upgrade. I ended up buying outright from Apple Store. I'm satisfied with AT&T for coverage not so for customer service.

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Yes - once the phone is paid for, the payments will no longer be taken from your bill. The phone is yours. Also, you could pay off the phone at any time you wish during the installment payback period.

Once the phone is paid off (it's yours), you will still have to pay for the plan plus data...

Do the math... if you use an upgrade you save money on the phone but your will end up paying back the savings plus some over the 2 yr contract because you pay more to use the services. A salesperson once told me they are going to
get their money one way or the other. Buy the phone with no interest is a no brainer.