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Dec 13, 2010
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so when i jailbreak my iphone4.. say i download an app and it comes as an .IPA file.. how do i get this file on the phone?
sounds easy enough.. now i just have to wait for the untethered jailbreak...
Depending on what equipment they already have it can cost a developer hundreds to thousands of dollars to just get what they need to become a developer. I requires hundreds of hours to learn and then hundreds of hours labor to develop and put an app on the market. A few will make a bunch of money, most, probably will barely make enough to pay for their equipment, much less, the labor they put into it.

So, if you spent the money to buy and iPad, but you can't afford to pay the small amount these fine developers charge, then you won't get any help from me or these forums on how to steal the product of these fine developers.

If developers can't make enough money, to at least pay for their outlay, then they will stop making apps. Then you will have a nice big picture frame you can set on the mantle, instead of a fun and exciting app filled iPad. No Apps = picture frame, maybe.