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Insane Video Made About Apple And The iPhone 4


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

Check out this crazy video guys, I don't even really know what to say about this. This is a 3D video on YouTube that popped up and basically shows Apple as an abundance of metaphors for its stereotypes. One thing that got me in this video, is when Steve Jobs and Microsoft(might be Gates) duke it out in a lightsaber battle. In the end *spoiler alert* Jobs slaughters Microsoft and takes away its metaphorical crown that is the Darth
Vader helmet. Anyway, everyone, check this one out, its a bit of a trip.
I agree I could not stop laughing split my sides lol

It is worth watching and the fun part yes was Microsoft, gates and apple , steve fighting it out.
I watched this last night and had a good laugh when the customer clearly complained about the signal issue and got his ring and pinky finger cut off. Who comes up with this stuff? I couldn't understand the language, but the creator does a good job of telling the story sims style.
is there an english version? it oes look funny the video but when you cant understand a word..
It might just be funnier if you don't understand it, but do understand what is going on in the video... does that make sense? lol
yeas it does make sense that maybe if you could understand what the woman is saying. but you have a rough ide whats going on with the iphone and them making fun of apple