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Informative speech about apple.


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Jun 26, 2010
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Chicago, IL
I'm doing an informative speech about apple due wensday and it has to be about a good 5-7 minutes long. Any ideas? I'm learning towards doing the history of apple, iPhone 2G-4G and the macbook. Not really sure yet but any ideas are welcome!
I would really concentrate on how the majority of Apple's profits come from the iPod and now the iPhone.

Take a look, the iPod really saved them... then as that started to dwindle the iPhone really picked up slack and not just from hardware sales but lucrative recurring revenue from their deal with Apple.

I think that's kind of eye opening for most people.
True. I may just replace the macbook with an iPod -> iTouch and tie it in with an iPhone 2G-4G. Thanks!
Apple is also one of the few companies to succeed with a closed platform mobile device. Look at android had be open to catch up. Nothing seems to hurt apple. Even with all the problems they still sold 1.5 million plus units in two days. That's insane.
I would watch Steve at the D8 conference. It's pretty interesting and kinda gives a little history. It's a free D/L on iTunes.