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iLoome Screen Protector Photos


Jul 22, 2014
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iLoome Screen Protector Photos, here is the worlds first edge to edge screen protector from iLoome, what do you think guys?



Its now available in for Pre-order with free shipping and a discount price what do you think?
It looks my Zagg glass cover, which also does not go to the edge
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That screen protector looks pretty cool. The edge can come colored which makes me wonder if it's glass all the way to the edge or if the curved area is a different material.
I didn't think of that, it would be great if it does go to the edge.
According to the Amazon pics (via the linked site.....)...this unit DOES offer full edge protection.....
Now.....whether it's ALL GLASS, edge-to-edge......or just glass over the screen area.....maybe an e-mail to Screen-Mate....????!
Either way, though......it DOES look nice.....and $25 isn't an unreasonable price!!!:)
One problem many of us have had with the full screen edge to edge protectors on earlier iPhone versions is that it interferes with some cases where the case wants to get under the screen protector. I am sort of liking the variety now emerging; some full screen and some full screen to included rounded edge.
Looks cool that it covers the edge, but it doesn't surround the home button.

Is there a brand out there that does surround the home button?
Check out the Switcheasy Air Mask. It is a clam, top and bottom fit together with the phone inside so it's full screen coverage. Very thin yet very sturdy.