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Ikea Developing Virtual Shopping App for iPhone With ARKit


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Jun 18, 2010
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AppleInsider reports that following a brief introduction at WWDC recently Ikea has now officially announced that it is currently developing on an ARKit catalog for iPhone.

Speaking to Di Digital, Ikea’s leader of Digital Transformation, Michael Valdsgaard, said that this will be the first AR app to help users to buy actual physical goods. He did add, though, that being able to buy furniture in-app might not be in the first version.

Using the same basic principals as smash-hit AR game Pokémon Go, Ikea’s app will superimpose items from the retailer’s catalog in the shopper’s own home space in real-time, as well as adding lighting effects, all of which will be viewable through your iPhone or iPad screen.

Using ARKit’s abilities of scale-estimation, surface identification, and plane estimation, it will be possible to place smaller items that you’re thinking of buying on top of tables and other pieces of furniture in your own home.

According to Valdsgaard, Ikea’s app will launch with from between 500 to 600 products.

Source: Ikea's plans for ARKit revealed, virtual shopping tool will launch in fall with iOS 11