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If only we had Gridlock.....sigh


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Apr 5, 2012
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The world would then be complete for me lol. Got everything setup on my new 6+, been awhile since I've been in the JB world(had a note 3) for awhile. Man have these Devs delivered on these iOS 8 tweaks. Auxo3 and Polus are amazing. Also like cylinder, it seems to be performing better than Barrell. If only gridlock was updated I'd be set. I bought Anchor but it seems to be a little buggy still when installing new apps and the occasional unlocking device and all apps are missing until I access settings via app switcher and disabling Anchor. Hopefully we get gridlock back.

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iBlank will give you blank icons that you can position where every you want a blank space. Not as elegant a solution as Gridlock but it will work in IOS 8.4.