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Icloud contacts


May 15, 2011
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Very carefully - lol! You can delete it from the cloud but you have to log into your cloud account on a computer. If i'm not mistaken you can delete the contact from your phone and it will also delete from the icloud contacts if your are syncing the two.

The reason I said to be careful is because I did a stupid thing shortly after setting up my iCloud account and syncing all of my Mac devices. The short version, I had set up all of contacts on my home iMac and i4s. So I pulled out the MacBook Air and decided to flush the current contacts on it and sync it with the freshly updated iCloud contacts. So I deleted all of the contacts on the MacBook Air however I failed to turn off the wireless and it was connected to the cloud. So, as you can imagine I wiped out alllllllll of my contacts in the cloud, my home iMac and the phone all in few keystrokes. I was, let's say, a tad bit P---- Off! I had a backup on my gmail account so I really didn't loose any of them. I still had to correct the format after the transfer.

Be wise be careful when syncing multiple devices over the cloud!

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