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I want to sync the iPhone 4 with...


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Feb 6, 2011
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I have two desktops.

My main desktop has my Outlook on it.

I want to Synch my Contacts, Calendar, and Notes.

The problem is my iTunes is on the 2nd computer.

Do I have to load iTunes on my main system to sync?

Does it matter I am running Office 2010 64-Bit?

I really only want a one-way sync form computer to device. I never add contacts or calendar direct to my device.

I would like to dump some music to the iPhone, so really confused as all my music is on the 2nd computer. Can I sync Outlook on main computer, then connect device to 2nd computer for music?

Yes, I know, confusing.
You can only sync your phone to one iTunes library (computer) at a time. If you've got different files on different computers your going to have to put them all on one computer...
Does it make any differrence that my iTunes library is on a server? Both computers have access to the itunes folder.