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i have both itouch and phone, do i need iphone 4?

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Jul 15, 2010
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since my itouch's 3.5 inch touch screen is not that out of date and as well as my nokia 5800, should i make a budget for iphone 4?
$299 32g itouch somehow is compareably with iphone 4 at the same price. then one thing only is quite ensured is that 8g itouch is gradually make me bored. so the question is update itouch to 32 G or iphone 4

you know the hardware is never as conveient as software when users need to upgrade.
If you would like to combine both functions into 1 device, I say buy an iPhone 4 and sell your iTouch and old cell. iTouch doesn't have a camera and won't do video, not to mention voice.
eh... sure.
theoreticlly 5800 have camera and better antenna,
true no one device could be so excellent at all video playback, camera, wifi, face time aspects.

i will have one
You don't need a I phone but if you're like me you will eventually talk yourself into buying one so I say go for it now and save yourself from that ordeal.
truely im still preparing to get one ip4.

but it is so hard to give up all my dvd movie videos stored on itouch, you know 10 G movie collection will cost me how much time ??

YEAL I LL go for it now and save yourself from that ordeal.