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I don't want to sync the Exchange Inbox


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Feb 2, 2012
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I use my iPhone 4 for company emails, of which I get about 200 a day. To keep that number manageable, my solution has been to use Exchange rules to forward selected emails to my gmail account, which gets sync'd to my phone. That way I'm only getting the important ones like from the boss. Our security guy came by today and tells me it is against company policy to forward emails to a personal account and I have to stop.

So I decided for use the Exchange rules to send copies of my selected emails to an Exchange folder and then only sync that folder to my phone. When I setup Exchange to sync to my iPhone it won't let me un-select the inbox, so I get every email on my phone.

Anyone have any ideas how to get Ios5 to let me un-select sync'ing the Exchange inbox, or another work around?

Thanks in advance...tomy51