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Oct 14, 2010
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San Antonio, TX
New member here and brand new to the iphone 4. I have a beef with Apple and haven't bought one for 20 years. This little jewel may have already changed my mind and I just got it Monday. As for gadget background in smartphones I've had handsprings, Palms, HTC's, running windows and Palm OS as well as the new Palm Web OS. I learned to program (a long long time ago) on an Apple IIc, after that i built my first PC, a 286, and never looked back at Apple, until now. Nowdays I build computers for people in my free time and do a tiny bit of programming.

At any Rate

Hello my names Grimm <hi Grimm> and I'm a geek

and I just posted this in general DoH. Trying to fix it but if any admin sees fit to help me out I'd greatly appreciate it.

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welcome to the forum!

wow 20 years is a long time to stay off apple products then to buy an iphone 4.. it is a nifty little gadget :D you tempted to buy any other apple products now?
hehe actually I am. I'm not sure that I'd actually get one as a main computer or anything but the little ip4 is well made, works, and everybody writes stuff for it.
yeah, i got myself a macbook pro to go with the ip4 and its really good, i thought i would hate the trackpad but its the best part lol