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Howdy From Texas


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Jun 17, 2010
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Lubbock, TX
Hey, guys I have been around since the first Iphone 3g Preorder madness....its kinda like getting a tattoo. You dont havetoo have them but it sure feels good to feel the rush! Yes, i admit i carry 2 lines just so i can upgrade every year.....lol

Welcome from another Texan. This is my 1st iPhone. And that tattoo rush does feel good, I'm currently wanting to get another one.
You are in for a treat! I love all the spec debate about the Iphone....but the sales numbers dont lie ;)
whataburger. that's why i love texas. ;)
Another big texas welcome from Austin!
Greetings from an honourary Texan!

As I come from Newcastle in the UK and there is a Texan town named after it because they did coal mining there think I will claim ties to Texas as everyone else seems to be from there! Lol

Welcome to the site!