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How to Transfer Data from One iPhone to Another

rabbit hutch

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Jan 22, 2015
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If this question has been addressed before, searching here didn't turn up that discussion; so if I'm out of line with this post, please point me to where it has been addressed.

I recently got a hand-me-down iPhone 5 which was first cleared of all data by my SIL. I had been using an iPhone 4S. I took both units to a local AT&T store and the young man there moved contacts and some other data to the new iPhone; but I didn't get everything transferred. I use Notes extensively and would prefer to keep most photos on the device. I struggled along for a few weeks trying to learn and develop a strategy for getting everything from the old phone to the new one, but fate intervened before I could do so.

Last weekend, the iPhone 5 demanded that I enter a passcode (I had been using a fingerprint to activate the phone). I tried every passcode I could think of but after a few tries the phone was disabled. To overcome this I resorted to the Recovery Mode process which wiped out everything on the phone. I went through the new phone setup, but now I need to copy things from the old 4S to the new 5.

After reading many web pages, I'm no further along. I attempted the process using iTunes on my PC without using iCloud (I don't trust anyone's cloud). I first made backups of both devices. I then attempted to Restore the 4S backup to the 5. (FWIW my iTunes is, the 4S is iOS 7.1.2 and the 5 is 8.1.2.) This process started and asked for a password. It didn't provide any information to cue my memory of what password to use (and I was not required to enter a password when I made the backups. I don't know what password it wants. I tried my appleID pw; my passcode for the iP5 and then for the iP4S. None satisfied iTunes.

I want to move my apps, contacts, notes, and other data from the 4S to the 5 but I want to control what moves and when. I DO NOT want to sync my very extensive iTunes library on the PC with the iP5 because there is too much of it. I prefer to move selected playlists. I have data from apps that I need to move, also.

If anyone can point me to a good how-to, wiki or website it would be much appreciated.
Welcome to iPhoneForums, @rabbit hutch!

A backup would restore everything that was backed up/synced to the iPhone, and there's no choice to select what will be restored.

While you're partially able to choose what will be included in the backup when you use iCloud, iTunes doesn't have this option, afaik.

If you only need such things as apps, contacts and notes on your iPhone, don't use a backup to set it up, but set it up with your Apple ID. That way you'll be able to download the apps in App Store - Purchased (without data, if they're not online storage).
If your contacts and notes are synced to your iDevice through an email account, all you have to do is set up the account and enable Contacts nd Notes.

If you want to use your iTunes backup to restore it to the iPhone 5, use data recovery software. As far as I know you're able to choose with some of them what you need on your device.

Hope that helps.
Thanks for the response J.A. (or should I say, "Viele Danken")

It finally occurred to me that there might be apps in the app store that would facilitate the transfer. I found one and installed it on both devices connected to the same wifi network with the app active on both devices and transfers are proceeding as I type this. The app allows contacts, photos, calendars, and reminders to transfer. I will continue my search for an app that will transfer Notes.

Again, thank you for the timely and helpful reply.
You can use itunes and icloud to transfer iphone data to another iphone devices.You can download itunes to computer.Connect your iphone to pc.Then you can easy to sync iphone data to itunes/another iphone.
This will work as part of a complete backup done through iTunes. This backup can be restored to a new or restored iPhone by using the restore function and choosing to set up the iPhone from the backup previously.