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How to get voice mail calls to show in recent calls log


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Oct 10, 2012
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It bugs me that if someone leaves a voice mail the number won't show up in the recent calls log. I have to get a pen and paper (not always at hand) to write down the caller's number.

Is their an app that can correct this?
Mine do! What cellular service do you use? I am on verizon. I am guessing this may be a cellular service issue.
When I tap the voicemail to listen to it, I have the option to call back from there. Don't you have that option?
Yes, I think I have that option....however, I may want to call later. I'd just like to see the # as I would on any other calls.
It doesn't have it highlighted red in the recent? That's what mine does when I have a missed call that goes to voicemail

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No it does not highlight the number in red if the call goes to voicemail. It highlights the number in red if the caller DOES NOT leave a voice mail. If caller leaves a voice mail then there is NO NUMBER DISPLAYED!!

That is my problem. See original post
In voicemail, does it show a circled "I"? If so, tap it and you should see the number. If it's a contact, it will show that.


I think he understands there are other ways to get the info, but he wants them to show up in the recent calls log. I am guessing this is a cellular issue,Net 10, but I could be wrong.
Well, I had Verizon. I never got those screens by hitting the voice mail icon at the bottom of the phone. If I hit that icon, it went directly to having the voice mail number called.