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How to extract contacts, messages from iTunes backup

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Apr 2, 2014
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Hello, does anybody knows that how to extract text messages and contacts from my old iTunes backup? My phone was damaged and get a noew iphone, I have a backup in my itunes ,I need to extrat file to my computer. Please help!
When you want to recover deleted text messages from iPhone as well as contacts, you are not allowed to connect your iPhone to computer directly, because iTunes will save the recent data automatically. First of all, you should check whether you have the backup files
iTunes> preferences> devices
all your backup files are listed.
Then click iTunes>preferences> devices "prevent iPhone from syncing automatically." select OK and close the window after checking" don't sync"
Now you can connect iPhone to PC and make the iPhone data recovery based on you have the backup files.
Click the File menu and select Devices > Restore from Back up.
Yeah, I know, but how can I extract files from backup? My iphone was damaged, and get a new one, I need to extract photo, messages, contacts from backup to computer.
You could always set up your new iPhone from the backup of your old iPhone. That would get all the data you want to transfer. You could always delete the items you don't want.
This is an old thread, and the problem certainly has been solved in the meantime.

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