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How to block text messages when no phone number is displayed?


May 21, 2011
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Orlando, FL.
I keep getting these spam text messages from the same source, and the listed "phone number" is 634-537 - one number short of a valid number (and it doesn't have an area code, either). Verizon - my carrier - has a page to input phone numbers to block, but without a number to input I can't block them. How do I block this aggravating spam?
After doing an Internet search, I saw where someone suggested to reply to the spam simply with the word "STOP." I did so and got a reply of a successful unsubscription. I never would have thought it would be that simple.
In cases where that doesn't work, you can open the offending spam text message, then in the upper right corner tap on Contact. In the drop down menu tap on the info icon (the i with the circle around it) scroll all the way to the bottom and tap on "Block this caller". You'll then get a warning that says "You will not receive calls, messages, or FaceTime from people on the block list." Then just tap the Block Contact option to block that number.

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I don't think I would respond. It could be a fishing text to see if your number is an active number, much like spam email. With spam you just delete and never respond. Or telemarketer calls. Don't answer a number you don't know, inspite of the goofiness and games some people say they do to telemarketers when they call.

This could be a spammer typing in random numbers that could be possible phone numbers. I would caution against responding with a STOP. That tells whomever sent it they found a real number. I caution against the first answer.
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It's not necessarily spam. For example, I get text coupons from the place my card league meets. The sender is always ###-## or similar. And you can stop receiving texts like that by sending a response saying STOP. IF THAT FOESNT EORK, the site is not legitimate and you can block it. Therefore, both solutions are good ones.
I would definitely not respond to unknown messages! They are fishing blind for numbers. A friend answered these messages and after that he gets a whole bunch of more messages.