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How long did you wait in line to get your iPhone 4?


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Jun 26, 2010
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Chicago, IL
I waited @ apple for about three hours, not including waiting at Radioshack since 3am which then promptly lead to me going to apple around 6am.

Nonetheless, I'm still iPhone4-less to this day.

Whats your story (sorry if there's a topic like this already)?
Pre two on the 15 , one cancelled the other I got this past t
The one that wa cancelled I picked up yesterday.
2 1/2 hrs .. Thank god picked up a 32gb and 16gb walt whitman mall L.I
12 hours is a long time to be standing in line for a phone, what where you doing all that time? i mean to keep you busy and not bored
I walked into the AT&T store about 10 am today. I was checking out with a 32gb phone within about 30 seconds (literally). But their computers were bogged down, so checkout wound up taking almost an hour. If there would have even been 2 people in line, I would have kept driving.
So I take it the first time they sold out or have a 1 per person limit, here in the uk I pre ordered 2 and they where going to send me 4 I had to cancel it but luckily did not have to wait in line, bur it was such a nice day it would f been nice to wait on lone rather then by the door
lol why only two people you would of left?

because it's only a phone....i'm not waiting in line for a damn phone. lol

don't get me wrong, i love my iphone (and ipad and ipod), but ain't no way i'm going to wait in line for any of them. i ordered my ipad online and had to wait 2 weeks after the release date to get it. no big deal. i'm not going to stand in line for hours, or pay hundreds of dollars more to a reseller, just to get one. i'd rather just hold off and get it later on.
Lol that's true it's only a phone. I would not want to wait either in line. I think I'd be ok with two people but no more
6 1/2 hrs on the 22nd june at the AT&T store -was # 3 in line , and got donuts when they opened at 7:00am
6 1/2 hrs on the 22nd june at the AT&T store -was # 3 in line , and got donuts when they opened at 7:00am

how d heck did you get yours 2days before the launch day?

i didn't have to wait in line. Bestbuy did it by appointments if reservation was made in advance.