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How do I preserve my calendar and contacts after IT wipes my phone?


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Jul 27, 2014
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My phone, and iPad for that matter, are linked to my work via Exchange. Both my calendar and contacts are a mix of business and personal. I am retiring soon and when that happens IT will wipe the devices. I am assuming if I backup my calendar and contacts to iCloud I can then recover them after the wipe and then manually delete the calendar entries and contacts I no longer want. Is this what will happen or is there going to be some "flag" in the backup that indicates the calendar and contacts were part of Exchange and not allow them to be recovered? If that is the case (cannot recover) what options do I have to preserve personal data?
I have been researching and iCloud will NOT backup Exchange info. I have found that I can export the contacts in a vcf format and supposedly add them to iCloud then recover. No option yet for calendar enteries